Dawning of a New "Era": Shoigu Checks on Development of Military TECHNOPOLIS City on Black Sea

"Era", the innovative military technopolis in Anapa will open this fall, reaching its full operating capacity in 2020. The structure of the technopolis has the functions of scientific and educational establishments, as well as test sites. Today, "Era" was inspected by the Minister of Defense.

Dawning of a New "Era": Shoigu Checks on Development of Military TECHNOPOLIS City on Black Sea
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Evgeny Nipot reports with the details.

In September 2017, the President had ordered to build the innovative military center, "Era," here, on 18 ha of scenic land on the Black Sea coast. An entire town is being built here rapidly now. The construction process was inspected by the MOD Sergey Shoygu. The first stage of the construction is scheduled to end by September.

— What is the current progress rate?

— On average, let me see... The dorm will be ready on the 15th of June, that's a priority. Building one will be completed on August 1st. The labs are scheduled to be built by September 1st. We'll complete all installation by the 15th of August.

— So, September 1st.

— Yes, sir. They'll let you know.

— So, you're about 18% done.

— Yes.

This is a true center of scientific and industrial ideas. Research and educational centers will be located next to experimental facilities and test sites. Such concentration of power will allow to promptly develop new pieces of armament. It will take no more than 3 years from designing the prototype concept to its batch production. 600 units of unique equipment will soon help deliver 40 innovative projects, in collaboration with the defense manufacturers. Besides the living quarters, offices of science troops operators will be located in this sector, too.

Overall, the construction of the innovative military "Era" center is 50% completed. 4 science troops will work here, exploring 8 research fields from software developments to bioengineering technologies.

1,000 apartments will be built for the scientists and workers from all over the country. They will carry out their projects on "Era" grounds. For people's convenience, they'll build a waterfall fountain, a fitness center with a pool, and amenities for outside activities. They also plan to set up a center for gifted children on the grounds where they'll train future staff for the military-industrial complex.

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