Defeated Egyptians Welcomed by Kadyrov...Now The True Punishment Can Begin in Grozny!

Once again, the topic is soccer. Today, the Egyptian has returned to their base in Grozny. The team decided to cancel their evening training. Chechen hospitality will help raise the spirit of the Egyptians.

Defeated Egyptians Welcomed by Kadyrov...Now The True Punishment Can Begin in Grozny!
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Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the republic, offered to entertain the Egyptians with some of the national cuisine, even though he was a supporter of the Russia team, along with my colleague, Alexey Baranov.

They believed in their win as well, but they're coming back to Grozny disappointed. Mohamed Salah, the leader of the team, has hopes for the upcoming game against Saudi Arabia. The guests enjoy the greatest welcome in the Chechen Republic. But only Russia's fans are here.

Ramzan Kadyrov: "Oh, stop it!"

Ramzan Kadyrov is upset that due to his schedule, he couldn't go to St. Petersburg. He invited his friends to his place to support our team. Even the participation of top-tier player Mohamed Salah didn't shatter their faith in victory.

Ramzan Kadyrov: "You see, Salah is calm there".

Ramzan Kadyrov ventured the first joke only after Russia had taken the lead in the game.

Ramzan Kadyrov: "You see, our player is giving the pass. Cheers! As soon as he got it, he passed it".

This role in this important game, and they are really proud about it, was played by two former soccer players from the Chechen Republic: Fyodor Kudryashov and Daler Kuzyaev. Despite the late hour, Grozny citizens watched this crucial game right in the city streets. Impromptu fan parks were arranged all over the republic. The more people were there, the more tense the attempts at our goal felt. Grozny's streets were empty during the game. Ramzan Kadyrov is talking as a normal fan.

Ramzan Kadyrov: "Dzyuba is a good player. Zhirkov isn't bad either. As a single unit! Salah is helping us. He's done for, now. He's making mistakes, he missed an important pass. He missed twice".

When the display showed 3:0, the last concerns were allayed. Now it's a shoe-in for victory.

Salah's penalty kick didn't dampen the spirits of the fans. And this is it — a triumphant victory.

Ramzan Kadyrov: "Everyone thought it was a lucky win against Saudi Arabia but this has proven that Russia can play. I'm happy for our team. I'm glad. Look, he's celebrating. That's patriotism, that's the spirit".

The head of the Chechen Republic invited his friend, Mohamed Salah, along with the whole Egyptian team, to taste Chechen cuisine.

Alexey Baranov, Timur Altynbaev, Zelimkhan Buntyshev, , the Chechen Republic.