Shoigu Gives Tour of Sevastopol: Young General Knows All About the Legendary Defense of the City

The Russian Geographical Society has begun its 2nd nationwide contest for the best tour guide. Anyone can participate. The Head of the RGS, Sergey Shoygu, showed what to do today. He personally gave a tour around Sevastopol's historic places.

Shoigu Gives Tour of Sevastopol: Young General Knows All About the Legendary Defense of the City
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Sergey Shoygu talks in depth about the legendary Konstantinovsk Battery fort to our correspondent, Olga Armyakova.

Sergey Shoygu: Hello, everyone.

— Hello. Hello.

— This is a great place. 240 years ago, people began creating and building what has become the pride of our country today.

The President of the RGS is acting as a tour guide today. This group is really lucky.

— Are you nervous?

— I am. I want to tell and show them so much.

This group is rather special, too, which means plenty of questions.

— Journalists make a pretty meticulous group, don't they? As far as tours go.

— That's how it should be. When I'm being shown something, I pretty much act the same way as you. I want to know everything about everything.

They met by the legendary fort in Sevastopol Bay, the Konstantinovsky Battery. It was built by Suvorov in the 19th century, withstanding two defenses of Sevastopol to this day. In only 20 years of Ukrainian control, the war memorial was decimated.

Sergey Shoygu: "I'm certain that we have absolutely no right to do this to our history which stores the memories of our feats".

This is how the naval fort looked until recently: ruined dungeons and piles of garbage. And this is new footage from a bird's-eye view. The unassailable fortress resembles a snow-white horseshoe, shaped like the bay. This is one of the main symbols of Sevastopol, which took three years of major reconstruction. They used archived documents to rebuild it. This line splits the history of the Konstantinovsky Battery into "before and after." Currently, the first headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society is located here.

It's a unique open-air museum. Here, every stone stores the memories of heroic feats and fateful victories.

This reminds us of the incredible triumph by our soccer team.

Sergey Shoygu: "Guys, this is such a great joy. How could we forget the main thing? Of course, this amazing event deserves major nationwide celebration. We deserve these victories".

It will take a lot to filter such tour guides in the contest for the best one in Russia. To participate, you need to record a 2-minute video of a fascinating tour. The winners will be determined by experts from the Russian Geographical Society.

Olga Armyakova, Konstantin Morozov, Oksana Serzhantova, and Nikita Kalchenko. , Sevastopol.