Constant Shelling and Cease-Fire Violations: OSCE Report Documents the Failed Peace in Donbass

A special monitoring group documents the shelling in Donbass. According to its data, the areas surrounding Donetsk have been attacked 13 times over the last 10 days. Today, over 40 shells were fired at the DPR from the line of contact.

Constant Shelling and Cease-Fire Violations: OSCE Report Documents the Failed Peace in Donbass
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Sergey Arsenichev reports from Donbass.

"When they hit us, our entire basement was shaking".

Donbass residents don't try to guess the future anymore, not even for a day. All of their plans are altered on a daily basis by the Ukrainian Army's shelling. Sometimes they can't even water their gardens, they never know when the next attack will come.

"The attic was hit, the greenhouse is destroyed".

Ivan Sergeevich received a shrapnel wound in his arm, he's in the hospital now. It seems he has nowhere to return to.

Ivan Sergeevich: "The paramedics came and cleaned my wound with hydrogen peroxide. They told me that the house was ruined and I couldn't live there anymore".

Breaching the Minsk Protocol daily, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their attacks using small arms, mortars, and even artillery.

"This is from a 152-mm ballistic projectile".

Today, this Kominternovo village was attacked by 122-mm shells. 27 of them fell in proximity to residential homes. DPR intelligence reports that the Ukrainian side is augmenting its forces at the contact line daily. They've detected new mobile electronic warfare troops, Akatsiya artillery pieces, and an increased number of snipers. This means that it's getting more dangerous to live near the so-called "gray zones".

Sergey Arsenichev, Vasily Kharitonov, Aleksey Yaldin, Oleg Bondarenko, Andrey Rudenko. , Donbass.