The Alcohol Must Flow! Russia Signs Deal for Export of Top-Tier Kuban Wine to Thirsty Germans

The bouquet and philosophy of Kuban wine will be accessible to German connoisseurs soon. Today, an agreement on exports to Germany has been signed. Usadba Divnomorskoe, Phanagoria, Lephkadia, and Abrau-Dyurso have taken the top spots at the largest international contests and wine tasting forums for a long time. Kuban wines are no worse than French or Italian ones.

The Alcohol Must Flow! Russia Signs Deal for Export of Top-Tier Kuban Wine to Thirsty Germans
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Maria Saushkina will report on the taste and quality that is conquering the world.

This is the shore of the Black Sea, in Kuban. On the breeding ground of Usadba Divnomorskoe's rocky hills, the vineyards planted back in 2010 have produced a bumper crop. The first 67 acres of French Pinot Noir have struck roots so well that Bourgogne would be envious. Chardonnay and Merlot from Russia have come to German connoisseurs' liking. The first batch of Divnomorskoe will be exported.

Veniamin Kondratyev, Krasnodar Krai governor: "It'll be a bridge that'll show we live not only by the law of those who dictate the policy of sanctions, but those who just want to live, build economic relationships, and first of all, a chance to supply our wine to the German market. This is true living."

The wine is sophisticated, the quality is high, the price is affordable. Next, the neighboring country has asked to taste the Russian dry wine — the next batch will be sent to Austria.

Yuri Stetsenko, Russia's German trade commissioner: "The Germans know how difficult it is to grow the vine. It takes years, like in Roman times. You know, there are Rhine and Mosel wines. France is nearby. It's hard to break into the market of connoisseurs and devotees of such wine. The Germans have realized this. The ice has been broken."

When there was a tasting in Germany, Kuban Cabernet, Sauvignon, Shiraz were favored, receiving the adoration of the guests. The first toast was to the lifting of the sanctions. Both sides speak in parables. The German side dropped a hint on bruderschaft in the economy.

Wolfgang Büchele, Osteuropaverein: "All the visits to Russia by German politicians, namely by ministers Maas and Altmaier, and then by Chancellor Merkel on May 18th, indicate the importance of the dialogue between Russia and Europe, between Russia and Germany".

At the Mundus Vini competition in Düsseldorf, Russian wine was given the silver medal.

Oleg Nevchidyuk, Usadba Divnomorskoe: "The history of Russian winemaking was difficult. Gorbachev ordered to root out the vines and to stop the production of the wine. It damaged the image of Russian wines. We are a young winery. We were established in 2010".

The first vines on the shores of the Black Sea in Divnomorskoe were planted in 2010 on top of a thousand-year history. In such a small fraction of time, the winemaking has produced unbelievable yields.

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