Moscow is Absolutely Electric After Russian Underdog Soccer Team Defeats Spanish Juggernaut

And again to the historic victory of the Russian team. Today, the social media are full of thousands of photos and videos of the way Moscow was celebrating the win of our soccer players. The city streets and sports bars are filled with the unity and festive atmosphere. There were so many happy fans that Tverskaya Street turned pedestrian. In Red Square, a huge crowd was singing the anthem alltogether.

Edward Punigov has collected the brightest shots.

It's the first seconds after the decisive penalty. Spain didn't score the crucial goal.

"Russia is the best! Go, Russia! Thank you, guys! We believed in you!"

After the final whistle, fans gave way to emotions in the streets. Spain was one of the strongest at the Cup. It left the group easily from the first place. The sweeter the win is.

- This is the victory!

- We supported Russia!

- The game was crazy!

All Moscow was watching the game. People came to sports bars several hours before the beginning of the game. There weren't enough seats, so people watched the game standing to the last moment.

- Russia! Russia! Go, Russia!

The main soccer street is Nikolskaya. Fans were painting tricolor on each other, singing songs and dancing. Foreign fans were happy to the victory as well. Englishmen, Mexicans, Colombians and even Spaniards admitted the victory was well-deserved.

- What do you think of Russian team?

- It's very good, they're going to win the World Cup.

This is Tverskaya street. Cars gave way to the crowd marching with flags, and also joined the big soccer holiday.

- Congratulations on the victory! Russia is great!

Triumphant fans filled the central streets of the city — Kuznetsky Most, Bolshaya Dmitrovka, Okhotny Ryad. In Red Square, thousands of people were singing the national anthem to a chime of bells. Praised be the Fatherland! Social media are full of videos with fans, flags and a sea of emotions. Soccer gave people a true holiday.

Edward Punigov, Andrey Razhev, .