This is Getting Absurd: How Many Times Can UK Keep Pulling the False Flag on Russia?

We've received shocking news from the UK today. The British Home Minister, Sajid Javid, said that the couple which was harmed an unknown substance several days ago was poisoned by Novichok, which was used on the Skripals. The victims are asocial and have problems with alcohol. The infamous Porton Down is located between Salisbury and Amesbury, where this attack occurred. What a frightening coincidence. However, the Home Minister for some reason suggests there may be new measures taken against Russia.

This is Getting Absurd: How Many Times Can UK Keep Pulling the False Flag on Russia?
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Our own correspondent, Aleksandr Khabarov, reports on what the British keep getting poisoned with.

The British government can't explain how the British citizens from Amesbury could've been poisoned with the same substance as the Skripals. The Home Minister, Sajid Javid, decided to blame Moscow again instead of giving a clear explanation.

Sajid Javid, British Home Minister: "The eyes of the world are currently on Russia, not least because of the World Cup. It's time for Russia to explain exactly what's going on".

Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' response was predictable.

Maria Zakharova, Russian MFA Spokeswoman: "We urge Theresa May's administration to stop playing games with toxic chemical substances".

The victims are still in critical conditions at Salisbury Hospital. Just like with the Skripals case, the new investigation will be classified. Once again, the police have cordoned off the area, and the experts have started searching for evidence. This is happening after multiple statements by the British government that Salisbury has been inspected and decontaminated, and there's no threat to the people. British newspapers now suggest that the poison could've come from a syringe that was found outside. We wonder who left it there.

Anton Utkin, a chemical warfare expert: "Today, we see two harmless British junkies poisoned with the same substance. I think it's time for British society to ask their police some questions. Who is doing all this? Who is responsible for these actions?"

It's a known fact that all examinations for the Skripals case and the current poisoning case have been conducted in the nearby science research center of Porton Down.

Leonid Rink, Doctor of Chemistry: "The locals' multiple exposures to Porton Down's temporary formulas, which are likely tested on them, closely resemble the events that transpired in the Skripals case. I can say that testing formulas is Porton Down's military obligation. Their job is to expose the local population and the enemy's army".

It may be a coincidence, but this poisoning took place prior to the summit and the visit by the American president, , to London. We're sure the UK will actively pursue this topic during the upcoming talks. However, they have nothing to show except new victims. There have been no results in the so-called Skripals case in over four months. Baseless accusations of Moscow may not be enough to convince even the most loyal partners today.

Aleksandr Khabarov, Ilya Mordyukov, , London.